Sunday 27 November 2011

AEDM and a day at the fayre

I bought these little owl lights from Marks & Spencer to decorate my table at yesterday's Christmas market in Chorlton.  I could have sold them about ten times over lol!  In the end I wrote a label to say where to buy them from.

I was pleased with my stand, and am reassured as to the quality of my work and ideas (Malc laughed when I told him this, but I do worry!).  My owls and spoons proved popular!

... and I sold a little handmade book.  One guy made me smile when he picked up my fabric book and asked "Can you explain the purpose of this to me please?"!!!

My little collection of felt flowers looked great, but didn't find a home with anyone yesterday.

I bought a few presents from other stall holders though, including a little something for me!  

I just love these 'Tatty Betties', and when I saw one of them was an advent fairy my excuse for buying me one was presented!  The other is for my sister who is 40 on Tuesday, and the middle dolly is for my youngest niece.  The girl opposite me was selling fabulous poster style prints so I got me this too...

The wonderful wisdom of Dr Seuss!  Finally, my AEDM day 25 activity was a touch of sign writing for work!  


  1. You could do a deal with M and S perhaps. Well done on your sales!
    Why look for an excuse to buy a gorgeous dolly?..what did that poster say? :)


  2. Your table looks great Sarah! How frustrating that pople wanted to buy the M&S owls:)
    So what was your answer to the blokes "what is it for?" question?!!

  3. The table looked beautiful! I have tried craft tables in the past and they are a lot of work! And you never know what people are going to like and buy. Some of the things I loved, never sold. And other things I threw together quickly sold like hotcakes. LOL!

    You have such cute things. I should have looked closer (new to your blog) but do you have an etsy shop? They might sell on there. People come there to look for handmade things (and antiques). If you already have one, ignore what I just said. ;)

    The best part of having being in a craft fair for me was meeting all the people--both the customers and the vendors. I hope you truly enjoyed yourself.

    I am curious, too, as to what you told the man. ;)

  4. lol, I replied to the gentleman that it was nice to hold and look through, that you could add notes to it if you wanted (at which point Sophie chipped in and said you could put needles in it) and did it need a purpose. He said yes it did, then quoted William Morris about having nothing that was either beautiful or useful. He agreed that it was beautiful but obviously felt it had to be useful too!

  5. and Gwen, the owls were on 3 for 2 so I could have sold them on for a slight profit! If only I'd known.

    I've wanted an etsy shop for a while but never got around to making enough of anything to put in it, so these items can be the start of it all :) Thanks though Rita :)

  6. fab table Sarah. i can understand why people liked the owls and ROFL at the bloke and his question. I would have happily bought one!

  7. Nice layout, and it's good when strangers like your work :)

  8. Your table looked fabulous!! I'm a little confused about the guys question though - haha. I'm not surprised your spoons (or owls come to that) were popular they're just gorgeous pieces xxx


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