Wednesday 9 November 2011

AEDM days 8 and 9 - a fantastic evening playing with clay ...

Yesterday was a bit manic (I spent the day teaching, went straight from school to another one to run a Numicon workshop and went straight from there to a two hour evening class) but culminated in leisure!  Our local grammar school runs adult classes every November and I signed up for the ceramics one.  It's just for three evenings in total.

After rolling out a piece of clay, we pressed lace, dried orange slices and other bits n pieces into the clay to create texture.  We then wrapped it around a tube and created a cylindrical pot.

I then had a bit of a play, layering snippets of clay, and created a book cover.  I'd like to incorporate my textile work into my clay pieces so made three buttons and saved the piece I cut these from to layer over a stitched and needle-felted piece.

AEDM day 9 started early as I woke in the night with chest pain (I've got a cold!...Again!!!)  I need some ideas for next week's clay class ... well, I need to refine my ideas as I only have two weeks to do the work!  After a bit of a hunt on the internet I found this fabulous work by Elizabeth Howe...

... GoRGeouS!  I also found a blog stocked full of great inspiration - I love so much of the artists' work that Sara features.  I now have plans for next week in my notebook :)


  1. I used to make those ceramic vases with my classes... haven't thought about them in years... they are such fun aren't they... sounds like you had a busy but fun day and I am really enjoying reading your blog... happy creating xx

  2. Missed you yesterday, but this was worth the wait. These vases are beautiful. You have made me realise I shoud look up some classes in my area and go back to it. (Did pottery years ago.)
    Love your idea of combining clay with textiles and books...brilliant!!
    Will miss this challenge in Dec, won't you!
    Gwen xx

  3. hi Sarah :)
    thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments!! i am glad you enjoy my books :) Sue's Dream Keeper was such an enjoyable project and Tracy is just a gem to work with :)

    what a wonderful idea to incorporate textile into clay! clay is such a versatile medium ... i so love it!

    have a great week ahead :)
    Luthien :)


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