Monday 21 November 2011

AEDM days 20 and 21 - in the 'Drawing Lab'

Honestly, I can't recommend Carla Sonheim's 'Drawing Lab' highly enough!  It's just brilliant for getting you painting or drawing without that highly invasive 'inner critic' sitting on your shoulder whispering into your ear!  It's also full of short arty exercises for when time is limited, perfect for me at the minute.

Yesterday was mostly spent doing school prep so just before going to bed I did some one-liners, drawing animals using one continuous line.  Carla has a short video here on the Sketchbook Challenge blog if you'd like more info.

I started with pigs, then a couple of flowers followed by an owl who looks like a penguin!

I've been avoiding drawing cats as I'm not that keen on them picture wise, but finally gave in and love these manic kitties!

Then I gave some birds  a bit of a go.  For the last one I wondered what it would look like with 'walking legs'.  Normally my brain wouldn't even let me have a go at drawing something like that as 'I can't do it', but with one liners they're not going to look like the animal anyway!

It was my first day back teaching today after having bronchitis.  I was still feeling a bit wiped out so after a day with three different infant classes in a special school I came home and fell asleep!  Woke up feeling the need to do something relaxing so flicked through 'Drawing Lab' and..

...decided to finally give Lab 8: Imaginary Creatures a go....and created a moustached penguin lying back in shock at..what?!!  Hmm, that's in your imagination ;)  I love how fun he is, yet I never would have drawn a moustached penguin lol!

It started off with layers of random marks made with watercolour paints.  These yummy koh-i-noor ones were supposed to go in my eldest son's Christmas stocking - oops!  They are such handy, stackable palettes and rather nice paints too.  I bought mine whilst out in Wales somewhere, although checking online they're cheap enough to get George another set!  


  1. I think that penguin just saw himself in the mirror.....and fell over backwards LOL

  2. Just brilliant!
    And brilliant, little....ahem....I think you have invented a few new species. (I say this with the greatest respect;))
    The expressions on your cats' faces are priceless.
    Wonderful post, Sarah:)
    (Got the wire, so it won't be long now.)
    Best wishes!
    (Those last three birds are famous, I have seen them on the beach. Shouldn't you get them framed?:) )


  3. Haha naughty mummy, I love these, just checked out her video - have to say yours have turned out looking really great. I can totally tell what each animal is, which on the vid I only knew as she told me, although I get it's about the exercise not the drawing per say. Great job, thanks for sharing :)

  4. LOL at "oops"! I've thought about buying this book several times, and now wish I had. Your manic kitties may be my favorites...

  5. Looks like an awesome book - thanks for sharing your wonderful creatures!

  6. isn't this FUN?!? i love your little creatures.
    Happy to have found your blog (via the AEDM).

    i also love Carla Sonheim's DRAWING LAB. Great book.

    keep posting!

  7. I love contour drawings and ESPECIALLY these! wonderful and a wonderful book to recommend too!

  8. I love those water colour wheels as well... they would have been wasted on your sun... think I am going to add that book to my Christmas list... looks like fun xx

  9. Hmmmm.... I detect an amended amazon wish list coming up!

    The drawings are hilarious, and I love the coloured penguin :)


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