Friday 4 November 2011

AEDM day 4 - a page in my work journal

An idea I'd like to have a go with at work (Bean and Brush Art Cafe) is scratching back paint to the bisque, or layer of paint below.  The photos on the left are of work I liked that I found on the internet.  The bottom picture made me think of the work of Miro.

I have a lovely little book entitled 'V&A Pattern    The Fifties' which, unsurprisingly, is full of wonderful mid-century patterns.  I copied out some of the patterns into my journal.

I just love anything designed by Lucienne Day!!!


  1. I love artist's journals - seeing bits of inspiration grow into art, documenting the process and beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is beautiful to see ideas being shown like this, thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie :) x


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