Saturday 19 November 2011

AEDM day 19 - found poetry on a spoon

I love rummaging through old books and finding quirky sentences that make me smile.  These snippets of 'poetry' were a little more controlled in that I just hunted for descriptive words relating to my chosen topic!  

I started making these spoons earlier this year after seeing something similar by the hugely talented Kelli Perkins.  It wasn't 'til I just checked for the link here that I realised how similar - oops!

I've got a few more inked up, it's the word hunting that takes the time!

Prompted by Gwen's lovely flower yesterday I got started on some felted flowers that have been in my head awhile.  I added some merino wool and snippets of fabric to a piece of yellow felt, then free machined some flower outlines before cutting them out.

It was the container that gave me a bit of trouble.  I bought five pepper pots from Dunelm Mill the other day for just this purpose, inspired by Sue Pelletier's wonderful snowmen.  I just couldn't decide what to put in the jar!

I tried buttons, beads, even tiny stones, but went for snippets of fabric in the end.  It still wasn't looking right until I added some snippets around the base and some cotton around the rim.

Just to show you the back - I stitched the felted piece to some old net curtain as two layers of felt, one of which was felted on top, was a bit think for the sewing machine!  Ok, off to write more poetry.  Thanks to all for the advice yesterday, much appreciated :)


  1. With their fabulous, touchy-feely texture,your stunning flowers are shown to perfection in the pepper pots. What an outstanding idea.
    They are beautiful!

    I am with you on snipping out words. That's what books are for! To write and draw and turn down corners and much worse; that's why I love my books so much, they are like working documents for ideas.)

  2. I love the spoons! How did you colour them?

  3. These are great, love the colour on the spoons.

    I'm another who spends ages looking for words or images for a piece of art.

  4. Love your flowers Sarah, fabulously displayed in the pepper pot. The spoons are great too, very quirky which I love. Tracy x

  5. Love the pepper pot flowers....nice idea! Spoons are pretty cool too:)

  6. the textures and colours in your work are just stunning and those felted flowers are great... the spoons look great too... man you are talented !!!

  7. What great creations! wow, I'm honestly stunned! I love them all, great work, thanks for sharing :) x

  8. Tara, I used Ranger alcohol inks to colour my spoons then coated them with diamond glaze to stop it scratching off!

    Thanks for all the positive comments about my creations :)

  9. Oh your spoons are just fabulous Sarah...dont you get a thrill when you find just the right phrase or sentence for your art project :)

    flowers are just too darling, esp in the pepper pots!


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