Sunday 13 November 2011

AEDM day 13 - Grayson Perry at the British Museum

We watched a fabulous documentary on Grayson Perry's "tribute to craftmanship at the British Museum" this evening.  It was shown last week, but the wonders of digital tv meant we saw it on i-player after Harry Hill mentioned it on his show!  I just LoVe that Perry's teddy is called 'Alan Measles' :)

What a real, honest, fun guy Grayson Perry comes across.  Mad yes, but why not?  And he made some great points about what real art is.  And he's amazingly talented.

I've been sewing little owls today from felt for a craft fair I'm doing in a couple of weeks.  After blogging daily for a couple of weeks now it was starting to bother me that I flit about so much between media.  Would I accomplish more if I focused on one thing?  

No, I think is the short answer lol.  I am who I am for a start, and moving around different things keeps my attention better.  Then there's the opportunity for combining them.  I'm sure my work room would be tidier though, there'd be less in it for a start!!!

So today's 'art' has been mainly study and thinking :)  Like a proper student ;) !!!

Thanks for all the comments.  I spent this morning working through yesterday's entries over on Creative Every  Day.  I can't do it every day, I don't have time, but I can highly recommend it, I've come across so many blogs I otherwise wouldn't have done :)


  1. Your owls are so colorful and adorable! I often wonder if it would be easier to just picked one media would too, but I always answer no! I think I would miss the freedom to much and combining skills too! Wishing you a wonderful craft fair and Happy AEDM

  2. He is an interesting personality, I agree. A well-known ceramicist, and potter. Well, has he heard of you? Another great ceramicist:)

    Owls are the cutest..good luck with the fair.
    Gwen xx

  3. There is just so much inspiration to be found in the pages of your blog, Sarah! I'm swooning over these owls! Absolutely the cutest things I've seen all day! TFS!


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