Monday, 14 November 2011

AEDM day 14 - suffering with bronchitis :(

I've been suffering with this cough for almost a week now, whilst on antibiotics for sinusitis, but it turns out you need different antibiotics to get rid of bronchitis!  Up until today I've managed to get bits n pieces done, but today I slept the morning away and have just felt filled with lead for the rest of it :( 

So today's AED is images that were discovered blog hopping which are heading for my inspiration journal.  This was featured on Artful Interiors and is wallpaper by Ferm Living.  I adore toadstool imagery.

I love the texture in the ceramic work of Michael W Moses.  I discovered his work by searching 'ceramic art' on youtube!

This was also part of my 'ceramic art' search.  I love circles, and the contrast between the grey circles and the fired colours is fab :)

I've been asked by the school I'm teaching in at the moment to do a whole school art project after Christmas, culminating in a display of some kind.  I have no idea how I found this image but it's prompting ideas for the final display, which will incorporate felted pieces :)


  1. Sorry you're not well Sarah sending you get well
    Sue B x

  2. thank you, can you tell I'm feeling sorry for myself today!!

  3. Hope you get better soon! I love those toadstools too...
    i think its fine to feel sorry for yourself once in a while!

  4. If you've got bronchitis or something you might need antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  5. Poor you! Do get better soon. We really know we are poorly, don't we when we don't have the energy to do arty things?
    I like grey, it is one of my favourite neutrals....I really like all of the work you show here...we need inspiration..a kick-start; I certainly do!
    Thank you for your very encouraging comment :)
    Good thing to start planning now for the new year project, whatever it may be....
    Gwen xx (theses xs are infused with flucloxacillin, take one 3 times a day with art!)

  6. Great finds, I hope you're feeling better soon.

  7. Wish you better, i know all about suffering at the moment so i feel your pain xo

  8. You are doing so well with the AEDM despite being poorly, inspiring!

  9. Great inspiring images Sarah and hope those antibiotics kick in soon and you feel better.... there is nothing worse and we have just come off a winter full of bugs and coughs in our house so i am sending you nice warm Australian sunshine to dry up your chest and nose


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