Monday 24 August 2009

cute alert!!

I received a text this morning from a very good friend which said, and I quote,
"CUTE ALERT!! Do not go in Ashton on Mersey pet shop" (that's our local village).
So of course, Sophie (my 12 year old daughter) and I had to go and see this cuteness. And look who we came home with :)

He looks like a little squirrel but he is the most chilled out, beautiful looking guinea pig I've seen. His fur is kindof wiry, hence the name 'brillo' :) We already have two guinea pigs that belong to school, but live in my classroom. They often come home for the weekend. Now we have our own guinea pig, and a second one is coming tomorrow. Tom (13) has decided to buy one with his birthday money. He's wanted his own pet for ages.
But now to arty stuff. I belong to a small group of people who send out one ATC to everyone once a month. Any theme. Not very demanding time-wise(there's only 5 of us), but I still find it so hard some months to do it, time just catches up. I owe them all July and August at the minute so I decided to use my new tree stamps and do a mini-series of trees. The Hero Arts tree is one I already had.


  1. Very cute guinea pig and fab ATCs,particularly the 3 trees one, I must get around to uising that stamp myself!

  2. OMG Sarah, I so want a guinea pig. They were my favourite pets when I was a child, and I still love them. Where exactly is Ashton on Mersey? No I'm kidding, there are pet shops near here, if the temptation becomes too strong! Brillo is just gorgeous!
    Your ATC's are lovely too, how did you do the background to the 3 trees one?
    Wish I could be at Paddy's for your workshop, but between Mum's hip op and work, I don't seem to have a minute to myself. Am going to try and get some calligraphy pens and make a little calligraphy journal while Mum is recovering and I'm stuck at her bedside!
    see you soon I hope
    Chris x

  3. He is so cute. No wonder you couldn't resist. x

  4. Chris it's walnut spray ink made to drip and run down the card, then turned the other way up to stamp on.
    re guinea pigs
    I'll warn you now, Tom's going to buy one tomorrow so there'll be another cute pic!!!!
    Hope your Mum's ok, good journal idea :)

  5. Another addition to the family! Looks just like you....CUTE, that is! : )

  6. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for popping into my blog today and leaving me some ideas for art journalling. I shall investigate:)
    Love your blog my the way...........
    Lesley x

    I love little critters and over the years my kids had them all. A gerbil, a guinea pig, a hamster, and a rat. We loved them all, but Piggy and Ratski were sooooo sweet! I'm sure you can tell by their original names, I'm talking about the guinea pig and the rat. Rats are really smart and like guinea pigs, they're gentle, and make really good pets! Good luck with your little cuties. I love your ATC's. They're beautiful! Hugs, Paulette :o)


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