Monday 31 August 2009

my peacock lady corset

The corset exhibition is looming and my poor corset was still looking a little sorry for itself.  Everyone who's worked on it has produced stunning results, and I love all the bits, but a few people haven't had it yet so when it appeared in the vicinity I grabbed it to do a bit of 'pulling together'!  I'd already got out my sari ribbon from Crafty Notions to put on it before I saw that Glo had had the same idea.  I love how she's put it on the suspender hooks.
Sorry the light's not great on this second pic.  I added sari fabric, shiny bits, and quilted the beautiful peacock feathers added by Carol.  This photo really doesn't do it justice but it shows why I didn't get the Sunday Postcard made.  I will, because the subject is 'fish' and I discovered that a seahorse is a fish.  When I told my husband he said "well, what did you think it was?"  I don't know, but I love seahorses, have the new Elusive Images stamp and am determined to make the postcard :) 


  1. You can really tell how much you love working on these, it really shows! Just beautiful!p

  2. Beautiful Sarah! Love the colours too!!

    Jill x

  3. This looks lovely, I do hope they will all end up somewhere where we can all have a look!
    I'm with you re seahorses - I don't think I'd ever thought about them as fish, but of course they must be!!
    Chris F


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