Sunday 23 August 2009

stunning atc

This ATC came in the post yesterday whilst I was out and I just opened it. Isn't it stunning? It's from Michele Readitt. I just love it.

Last night I signed up for Julie Prichard's art journalling class starting very, very soon! I discovered Julie's blog after she finished doing 'Layer Love' which looked like my kind of class so I was soooooooo pleased when I saw she was doing another art journaling workshop. I can't wait! We're making journals first, then painting, collaging etc. If you've never done an online workshop they are great. You get to work with tutors you'd never normally be able to take a class from, you get instruction that you can watch over and over if you need to, and you meet people and see great work from others and receive feedback on your own.


  1. So happy to meet you, Sarah! Thank you so much for joining in on Super Nova! xo

  2. Lucky you - it is a beautiful atc.

  3. Hi Sarah - glad you like it :)Still doing lots of reading about art journalling, rather than doing any! Promise to take the plunge soon x

  4. I was at Billie's and saw that you were taking the journaling class which I so want to join...I am having problems finding the supplies and am waiting for information from Oysters tomorrow! Gina


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