Wednesday 26 August 2009

my day

Well I'm certainly having a better day than my good friend Julie! Read her blog here to hear what is happening at the end of her garden - it's shockingly unbelievable! Sorry Julie, I'd share these with you if I could!!!

A guy came into the shop today and wanted help undoing a leather thong necklace in order to swap a couple of beads over. He'd bought it in Jamaica and had to have it re-threaded this time when he went over there. It wasn't til he got home he noticed a couple of beads were incorrect and he couldn't work out the knots. I did it for him and refused any payment; it was my good deed of the day! Anyway, a couple of minutes later he reappeared with this box of chocs for me! Isn't that kind :)

Now to make you smile Julie! I tried taking a picture of 'Scrap', Tom's guinea pig (remember I told you he wanted to buy one? He had the biggest smile on his face the whole of that day; he's waited sooooo long for his very own pet!) Anyway, Scrap is a little reluctant to have his picture taken...

No, I don't have a furry growth, it's Scrap crawling up my arm inside my cardigan!! He was a bit braver when he had Brillo to crawl under!

And even braver when I lined them all up. Here are Fudge, Boris, Brillo and Scrap. Fudge and Boris belong to school but they live with me most holidays and some weekends! Fudge and Boris are 1 year olds, Brillo and Scrap are just 8 weeks old - bless!

Now onto cards! I've tried taking a picture of one of the moving cards I taught on my workshop today. It's made out of a single piece of A5 card but by cutting and scoring you can create a moving central circle.



card standing up (sorry it's not a great photo!)
Not only did I meet new people on today's class, I learnt two new things! A folded flower, and a new fold for a card. I'll get pics up soon, when I've had a play with the ideas :)


  1. There are so many reasons why I love you! Thank you for the encouragement...this too shall pass.
    Those critters are so adorable and I can just see your kids with them! : )

  2. Hi Sarah! I too feel so sorry for poor Julie.
    ...I love your moving card! That's so cool! It was so nice of that fella to bring you those chocolates, but then again, it was also so nice that you fixed his necklace! It's so true, when you do something good, something good comes back to you! Love those little piggies! Hugs, Paulette

  3. Such sweet little guinea pigs. The card is super. Enjoy your chocs! xx


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