Saturday 29 August 2009

day out in Wales

Living just south of Manchester, UK means we are fairly close to Wales and can go there for a day out.  Tom wanted to visit Conway Castle.  He loves going to castles and doesn't consider a holiday complete without going to one (although I have to say this is his third one this hols!!!).  He was very specific about going to Conway, for this reason...
He's now the proud owner of a replica dagger!  My three children were then very keen to show Oscar the smallest house in Britain!  This was followed by fish and chips - yummy!  [Note that George is still allergic to the camera ;)] 

I've got three sleeps now until I start Julie Prichard's Super Nova Journaling Class.  It's so exciting.  It's a really friendly online group and about half a dozen or so of us are here in the UK.  That's been extremely helpful for sourcing supplies. 
I thought I'd share a book with you that I made earlier this year.  I've wanted to make a rug ragged spine on a book for a few years now and finally had the time to do it.  I love the feel of it in my hands. 
The pages are all different sizes, with some different colours and textured edges, but what I should have done is collaged the papers before I bound it - I've not been brave enough yet to put anything in it!!  The binding isn't the neatest I've ever done, but then, it is effectively a prototype as I made it up myself!


  1. This is lovely Sarah, you'll have to share how you did it!! - workshop idea?
    Chris x

  2. Yes Sarah, it's did you do it?

  3. Seeing your book reminds me that I want to share the ArtStamp Cafe book you made for that ok?

  4. That's a really beautiful book Sarah! I love all the goodies you added, and the colors. It does look like something I'd want to pick up and hold in my hands!
    ♥ Paulette

  5. I thought the kids and the castle were in a different post so I didn't comment on them...Really cute kids Sarah!!! We have a castle here on Long Island, about 10 minutes from me... believe it or not! Second largest private home in the USA, built around 1920. Oheka Castle. It's beautiful! ♥ Paulette

  6. Of course it's ok Julie! I'd love to see it again x

  7. I loved sharing your journey into Wales! I live in south-western Australia where the nearest state line is 1500 miles away so we can't visit another part of the country unless we drive for days or go by plane! How lucky you are to be able to take a day-trip from Manchester to Wales.
    Your book is beautiful. Your blog is a joy to see.

  8. Lovely, lovely book. Good luck with the journaling class - can't wait to see what you come up with. Kate


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