Friday 21 August 2009

holiday journalling

This is the first time I've been away and packed fairly succinctly craft wise! I usually take loads of stuff and never use it all. I took my A5 moleskine notebook I received as a birthday pressie last year, paints, selection of stamps, couple of masks and stencils and a bottle of autumn gold spray ink. The acrylic paint goes onto the paper in the moleskine book very differently to on watercolour paper. For some reason, maybe the hot sun didn't help, the paint doesn't move around much on the paper. This page has blues and reds and yellows on, then I decided to be brave and experiment and sprayed the autumn gold over, using the mask. I like the result, which was a bit of a relief!!


  1. Lovely, Sarah - the colours are just right and I love those masks.
    Chris x

  2. Sarah - lovely to see you are back! I've always found that Moleskine paper is quite absorbent, and like you noticed, the paint doesn't move around, but rather sinks in immediately. I think it makes the colours more muted, like you've stained the paper with diluted dye rather than painted it - a great effect!

  3. This is beautiful...the colors are just stunning!
    Hugs, Paulette :o)


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