Thursday 20 August 2009

locked in a stamp shop...

... the best way to end a holiday :)

Actually, it was only for a couple of minutes whilst Wendy locked up at the front but it was exciting none the less. I'd never made it to Wendy's Stamp Attic before although we'd met at shows and I buy online from her so when I discovered it was only a 7 mile detour on the way home from our hols I just had to visit! And what a wonderful shop :) You know that 'down' feeling you get when you have to come home from a great holiday? Well, I've found the answer! Visit The Stamp Attic on the way home, purchase lots of goodies and you feel great from being in the shop and you also have wonderul things to play with/read when you get home!

Wendy stocks a fabulous selection of wooden stamps. I do so love the feel and look of wooden stamps and you should see how many papers she's got, and loads of wonderful little bits n pieces that you just have to have. It was a truly blissful experience and I'll definitely be visiting again.


  1. Hi Sarah glad you are back and had a great time, how wonderful to find yourself in the stamp attic! I once "accidentally" found myself in the stamp bug on holiday. Am looking forward to seeing what you do with all that new stash. Thanks for the kind comment.
    Chris x

  2. I am SOOOOOO glad you are back! Now on a selfish level, I SO want that owl cuttlebug EF! I saw one the other day on Ebay!

  3. Oh Julie, I could have got you one!! I'll see what I can do ;)

  4. Hi Sarah, it was a delight to see you again and glad you did not mind being locked in while i closed the Arcade down for the night. Your camping on the Isle of Wight brought back childhood memories for me time come a bit earlier and I can make you a coffee while you browse.........take care

  5. Welcome home Sarah!! Looks like you had a real good spend at Wendys.......I have that bare trees stamp too, and the owl embossing folder, great minds!


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