Thursday 27 August 2009

just like Christmas!

Look at all these parcels that were waiting for me when I got home!  The big ones are bits of exhaust, I think, for our new campervan and there's a little packet of hemp for my eldest son Tom.  He's making a neck protector and shoulder pads that soldiers would have worn.  He's always loved weaponry and can make amazingly lifelike guns from A4 paper (he rolls it into cylinders) and sellotape.  If they weren't guns I'm sure he could take them on Blue Peter!!!  A couple of years ago he made a gauntlet all by himself and he's decided to go back to his 'leatherworking'.  Bless him!
But the rest of the packets were all for me :)
There are some advantages to living in Manchester, England....the weather's too naff to be outside so I can curl up with my yummy magazines and cuddle my guinea pigs.  I knew Sue Roddis had a piece in this month's Somerset Studio, but Sue, you didn't tell me they were owls!  What a wonderful surprise!  I love them :)  I've decided to put ten second studio metal tools etc on my Christmas list.  I've wanted them for a few years now :)  Julie, you may notice your owl ef is tucked in there so I'll get your parcel off to you asap.


  1. What a fantastic set of goodies and your son is very talented too !

  2. It's great that your son has such absorbing hobbies and is developing skills. x

  3. What I love about Tom is that he hasn't waivered from his love of weaponry. It's something he has a real passion for, yeah?!

    I did spot that EF underneath those stamps! :) I am also glad to see your stamp selection for future purchases! : ) We just got those Christmas stamps in here as well, so you are right on time with them!

  4. Lots of reading there for you Sarah! Tom's got something to keep him busy too, he really looks engrossed!!

    Jill x

  5. He is!!! So's George, he's busy drawing 3d on the computer but he's very allergic to the camera at the minute (he's 14), so I have to take him by surprise with the camera!

  6. What a talented son Tom is! It's so nice that he's found a hobby he really loves at such a young age... You must have fun opening all those goodies! Hugs, Paulette


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